Affiliate Program
What is M88 Affiliates Program?
The M88 Affiliates Program is a partnership program where you can earn commissions based on your referred players' net loss of wagering activity. You can refer members online (via your websites) and offline (via referrals/personal connections).
How can I register to the affiliate program?
Joining M88 Affiliate Program is absolutely free. Simply fill out our application form and we will mesage you within 72 hours (3 business days) about the progress of your application. If your application is approved, you will receive an email containing your unique affiliate ID. This affiliate ID will give you access to banners, text links, and other marketing tools you can add to your website(s).
What if I don't have a website, can I still join?
To join the M88 Affiliates Program, you must have a website (Live) that has online gambling as its central theme, but some exceptions can be made at the sole discretion of M88.com.

If you have other means to promote M88 other than a website, you may join the program as well. Just drop us an email at [email protected] and provide details about your way of promotion.
What if I have more than one website?
If you have multiple websites, you only need to apply once to the M88 Affiliate Program. You can use the same affiliate ID for all your sites. You can also set up separate tracking codes for each site, so you can compare how well each site performs.
What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?
As an Affiliate, you are responsible for the promotion of M88. This can be done by featuring our banners and tracking URL's on your websites, e-mails or other means of promotion.
Can an affiliate himself be a player as well?
Yes, an affiliate can also be player; however, you cannot earn commissions on your own account. If you create a player account and refer yourself, your player account will be removed from your referral portfolio.
Can an affiliate have more than one account?
An Affiliate is not allowed to have more than one affiliate account.
What is the percentage of profit that I can earn as an affiliate?
M88 offers one of the best Affiliate Program commissions in the Internet Gaming industry. Our affiliates can enjoy up to a 50% commission. Click here to learn more.
How do I check how much I've earned?
You can login to your M88 affiliate account to check your commission status, statistics and various reports.
What payment methods are available?
The payment methods available are through bank transfer or the affiliate's player account. The affiliate may choose whatever method s/he prefers.

M88 reserves the right to choose the appropriate payment method to pay for the affiliate’s commission if and only if the specified payment method is no longer in service, or not available in a particular country.
When do I get paid?
All commissions will be paid on a monthly basis, approximately 15 business days after the end of each month. Payments will be transferred directly to your preferred payment method.
Are there other currency options besides USD?
Payments shall be made according to the currency you registered upon application. Affiliates cannot change their chosen currency once they have registered an account. The currencies offered are USD, RMB, THB, IDR, VND and MYR. Respective exchange rates on pay-out date will be applied.
What is the minimum withdrawal request amount?
The minimum withdrawal request is USD 100. Commission amount below USD 100 will be carried to the succeeding payout.
Do negative balances carry over?
Yes, we rollover negative commission balances. In the event that you carry a negative commission balance at the end of a month, it will be rollovered until you have enough positive earnings to zero the balance out.
Do I earn commission on my player account's deposit or wagers?
No, you cannot earn commissions on your own account.If you create a player account and refer yourself, your player account will be removed from your referral portfolio.
Can I edit my account information? How?
You can change your account information by clicking on "My Account". For information you are unable to change, you may send an email to [email protected]
What to do if I forget my login details?
Simply click on “Reset password” to reset your password and fill in your email address. Password reset link will be send to your email. Provided that you have set up the Security Question before. Otherwise, please send an email to [email protected]
How secure is my information?
Your contact information is secure with M88 Affiliate Program. We do not sell or rent your contact information to anyone. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
How can I check my account statistics?
Go to https://affiliate.m88.com/. Upon login, you may check your account details.
What information is displayed on my stats page?
M88 Affiliate system displays a statistic analysis for affiliates. You will be able to view the number of Clicks, New Customers and of course, your share of the profit. These stats will enable you to judge whether certain marketing strategies and campaigns work for you or not.
Why is my stats page not updated?
The database serving the online stats interface is updated once every 24 hours.
How do I add links to my website?
During the program's sign-up process, you will establish your own Username and Password to log into the M88 Affiliate Program website. Upon log in, you'll find a variety of banners, buttons, text links, and other marketing tools that you can use on your website(s).

To select the most appropriate banner(s), visit M88 Affiliate Administration System and choose the creative or promotional text that will be of the most interest to your audience. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions for generating banner codes (which are embedded with your affiliate click-through code) and insert them into your web page.


M88 implements a sophisticated system to ensure accurate tracking of any referrals made by our Affiliate. But there may still be instances wherein referrals made are not credited due to the following reasons:

*Improper formatting of the assigned Creative ID or Bonus Code;

*Use of broken codes or link (Make sure to use the latest Creative ID, banners, and links);

*Deliberate or accidental actions by Customer/Affiliate to circumvent the Affiliate's URL, Creative ID or Bonus Code so that the software is unable to accurately track that referral;

M88 will not be liable for any consequential damages - loss of revenue, profits, or data - that may arise in connection with this agreement, even if the Affiliate has advised the Operator of the possibility of such damages.
How do I use my click-through links?
Your click-through links are unique tracking codes that you can use to send traffic to any of our products. You may create multiple click-through links to promote your choice of products and track the effectiveness of different banner positions so you can optimise your promotional efforts.

When you sign up as an affiliate, a Default unique click-through link is automatically issued to you, which will direct your traffic to the M88 sites. Your traffic will be directed according to the product advertised. To promote Sports, Live Casino, Games and Slots, Keno & Lottery, simply click on the relevant product tab to show the link specific to the product.
Can I request for promotional materials? How?
Yes. To request for banners, you can go to the "Media" and select the currency, product, type, and size. If you need a customized size for the banners, send an email request to [email protected]
Can I make exclusive offers for my website? How?
Yes, if you have any additional terms or conditions you wish to add to our proposal, feel free to inform us. We will study it and perhaps negotiate and come up with an agreement that will suit both parties.
What is your policy on spamming?
We do not tolerate spamming of any kind by our affiliate partners. If spamming by an affiliate is brought to our attention, we will give the affiliate one warning (if judged to be a minor case). If the spamming does not stop, the affiliate partner will be permanently banned from the M88 Affiliates Program.